Skin Cells

Facts about skin cells:

  • Skin is the body’s largest organ
  • Between 30,000 and 40,000 of your skin cells fall of every hour! over a 24 hour period you would loose 1,000,000 (1million skin cells)
  • Your body has 10 trillion skin cells in total!
  • Your body’s weight is made up of 16% of skin cells
  • In one year you will shed 8 POUNDS of just skin


You may ask yourself…if all this skin falls off of me…where does it go?

That is a good question…but where does it go?

you know all that dust and crud on your family picture and on your coffee table…well yes that is dust and human skin the 8 pounds of skin that you shed a year has to go some where so it attracts to objects all around your house.

Skin cells regenerate between the ages of 1 and 100 skin re-hydration never stops!

when you see the difference in between a baby’s hand and a adults hand it doesn’t look that different until you get a close up look at it!

For example:

the human eye can not see all the things wrong with this photo that it would have to be seen under a microscope to solve.

  1. Sun damage (adult hand)
  2. scars (adult, and baby)
  3. rashes (adult, and baby)
  4. birthmarks (adults, baby)

If you still don’t know much about skin cells…Visit these helpful websites:


Skin cells need to be regenerated


if you young or old…get enough water for the amount of sun you get in a day.

-Meghan P.


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