I have chosen to ask the question what is “12” and what is “7”?  I also have the question, what is the ceremony of 12?

I found out that the 12 and 7 are the ages of Jonas and Lilly. The point in the book that gives it away is in chapter* when Jonas tells his parents what he had a dream about. Jonas said he had a dream about wanting to take a bath with a girl that he likes, His mom wants him to stay behind to talk as his sister and dad head off to school. His mom said not to worry  because it happened to his dad when he was this age and it will happen to Lilly when she grows up too. His mom suggested he start taking medication to help with it. The ceremony of 12 is a big deal, it is when you get your job assignment, The job that you is the one you have for the rest of your life or until you go into the “House Of Old”. When it was Jonas’ turn to go up on stage they skipped him because the had a very big announcement. he was going to be the next receiver of memories.

The Giver- 2nd Blog Post

In my last question I asked what is “12” and “7”. In Chapter 5 it says Jonas has a dream about being in a room with bathtubs and some girl i’m guessing he likes, He tells his parents about it and they tell Jonas it is okay. The mother keeps Jonas after Lilly goes to school, She says that his father had the same problem at his age, and Lilly would still go through it. I’m guessing he is 11 turning 12 because there is a ceremony of 12 coming up and he is kinda nervous about it. I think what is happening is that Jonas is growing up and going through puberty.

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