Could I be friends with the protagonist?


I think I could be friends with the protagonist because he had a personality of helping people and wanting to have fun. You meet Eddie on his 85th birthday so you don’t  know him very well, on his birthday something horrible happens to Eddie. Eddie was doing his walk around to make sure everything was okay and people were not doing anything bad. Eddie was picking up a bottle off the ground when he herd screaming coming from one of the popular rides, he thought nothing of it until he looked up and saw that one of the cables  had snapped he tried to get over as fast as he could but poor Eddie couldn’t move fast with his bad hip and his cane. Eddie then saw the young girl sitting under the ride in harms way. Eddie is just a person that wants to help people and make sure everyone is safe and okay and i think i can really relate to him that way and become friends with him based on what Eddie is like and how he acts.