Special Effects Makeup ProjectT

Things that I bought for my project:


  • Liquid latex – Liquid latex is a clear or soft white liquid that you apply to the skin to give an effect of a burn, scar, zombie etc..
  • Scar wax – Scar wax is just like a wax that is tan colour and spreadable. When it is blended into your skin it looks barely noticeable.
  • Rigid Collodion – Rigid Collodion is a strong smelling clear liquid that you apply to dry skin and after layers of the product your skin will start to tighten giving the effect of an aged scar.
  • Ben Nye Colour Pallet – The color pallet consist of 4 colours, dark blue, dark red, dark purple, and green. The pallet is used for doing mostly bruises but you can accentuate scars and cuts as well.
  • Blood Gel – Blood gel is exactly what it sounds like, the gel is very think and there for had to apply sometimes. It is a very dark red giving the effect of fresh blood.


It takes patience and practice. I’m still not as good as i would like to be but i have improved!


Things I have done.


moms arm






my arm

January 16th at Inquiry Hub

Yesterday we had people come in from other schools to have a tour and learn about our school. The tours started around 7:30 and ended around 9:00. I was a tour guide with Aaron and we showed them every room and what we do in them. Feeding the fish was fun because this time the Oscar ate a live goldfish (it was gone by morning) We estimate that there were around 60 students but with parents and younger siblings there were around 100! It was really neat to see a ton of people in your school when normally you only have 35. It was a really long day I got to school at 9:00 in the morning and then left around 9:00 at night so a 12 hour day at school is very very hard!


Over and out!