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Free the Children

” Free the children’s mission is to create a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change, And we couldn’t have a better blueprint for success; the organization was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1955 when he gathered 11 of his school friends to being fighting child labor, He was only 12.” – Free the children

Since 1955 Free the children has had a significant impacts on not only countries in need but to the people who volunteer for Free the children.

45+ Countries with programming and building projects

650+ Schools and School rooms built

30,000 Women with economic self-sufficiency

278,000 Attendees with We-Day experience

55,000 Children with daily education

$16,000,000+ Medical supplies around the world

1,000,000 People with clean water, health care and sanitation

2,300,000 Youth within free the children

The impact that Free The Children has at home.

88% of the volunteers make relationships with people they would not have otherwise. 90% of Parents and teaches say that the students are now more confident in there ability to set goals and complete them on time. 97% agree the students believe they can change the world.

People and Organizations that Free The Children work with are,

Allstate, Cineplex, Ford, Potashcorp, RBC and Telus

How Free The Children work with the Government.

Most of the time free the children helps communities with education, clean water and medical supplies, If health care is needed Free the children will send the patient to the local hospital for medical attention. Working with the government they are able to give medical supplies to the clinics in areas of need. “Should treatment be necessary, the organization relies and works with the government to ensure that treatment is given.”- Free the Children

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