I dont like basketball!

the only reason is that i break my fingers!

i have broken my finger 3 times in basketball; the most recent one was on tuseday of last week and i shatterd my knuckle 😐



Where i am?

Where am I now? I have a couple of paragraphs and a lot of information is what it looks like and when you read it you get a lot of information.

Where will I be at 2:45? I think by 2:45 I will have a couple more paragraphs then I already do so I hope to have enough to make my blog with some pictures and a lot of information. About skin cells.

Where am I at 2:45? I had a lot until my computer died so I had to go plug it in. I am sure it auto saved so I am good on that one though! I think I met my goal on what I should  meet by 2:45 so I happy about that!

Question update!

My question is on it’s way! I am planing on putting it in a blog when it is done so i will post and give a link to the blog in about 3 weeks when the question is done and then I would like some feedback or comments!


Inquiry question!

Hi i have a question for my inquiry question but it needs a little bit polishing! here it is.

What do people think a black hole is and what do scientists from Discovery Channel and NASA say it is?

i am going to polish it up and ask it a different way and make it a little longer. so yeah!

that is my inquiry question.